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4 Great Rules for Managing Promotions

Every so often, you might want to consider running promotions on your site in an effort to draw in new visitors as well as invite back old ones. I’m sure you probably already have seen many online businesses do this in the past. For example, pizza chains tend to email people who are on their mailing list limited time promotions that they run from time to time. Their method of marketing is something that you can learn from when running your own promotions.

Here are four great rules that you should follow when you start running promotions on your site:

  1. Make your promotion look professional by coming up with a good design. Your promotion will not be a success by you simply posting an article about it or sending an email. Instead, you should focus on coming up with a good looking banner that will do the promotion for you.
  2. Your promotions should not be run too often. Your offer will lose its urgency and people will lose interest in your promotions if you organize them too regularly, for example, every week or so. Make sure to run your promotions with larger intervals between them. That way your audience will know that these are time-sensitive promotions that won’t return in the near future.
  3. Teamwork makes the dream work! If you decide to run a sales promotion, reach out to other influential people within your niche and offer them an affiliate commission for every person that they manage to send over to your own website. This way they do all the advertising and you pay them a percentage of the incoming sales for their work as affiliates, as thanks for helping you gain more customers.
  4. Don’t present the same promotion over and over again. Avoid repeating the same promotion every time you decide to run one. The promotion should be something new every time you present it to your audience. If it still is the same promotion as before, redesign the look and feel of it, change up the format and present it to people as something brand new. This can sometimes be easier said than done, especially if you deal with e-commerce since your options for rephrasing “Come and save money” are limited. You really have to be creative when you are trying to do this!

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