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Increase Your Free Traffic by Giving Stuff Away for Free

Giving away something for free can generate a lot of free web traffic. I mean, who doesn’t like getting free stuff? That’s why giveaways are so popular on the Internet. Giveaways attract a lot of new people to your website and if done right, these people will stick around wanting more and eventually end up buying your products.

When selecting valuable things to give away for free, you will definitely end up with an increase in free web traffic. Now, you might wonder what some of these valuable freebies might look like.

Here are some examples of valuable freebies you should consider offering:

  • Software. You could offer people free software for them to download. You could also consider setting up a section on your website where people can download all kinds of free software that you have to offer. Don’t forget to include your ad. Also, give other people the opportunity to hand out this free software as well. Before doing anything, make sure you legally have the right to give the software away for free.
  • Webinars. Running webinars online is a great way of giving information away for free by teaching people about a chosen topic. This is a fast and simple way of generating free web traffic. When running these free webinar classes, don’t forget to send them to your site.
  • eBooks. Consider giving away free eBooks that have your website URL in them. Allow people to also give away your eBooks. This way more people will receive your eBooks with your website URL in them. This will expand your exposure even further, thus increasing free traffic to your site even more.
  • Online classes. You can also hold free online classes or seminars. People on the Internet love learning new things about certain topics, especially if it’s free. If people want to learn even more, you can simply direct them to your site where they can find out more or even buy something. It’s as easy as that!
  • Contests. If you want to boost your website engagement for free, running contests is another great way of achieving just that. You can give your website visitors a free entry and then give them the option to enter daily. People love sharing contests, which means more free traffic for your website!

Depending on your niche market, there’s a huge variety of things you can give away. Feel free to get creative when coming up with stuff. You’ll be amazed at the results!

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