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How To Get Traffic Without Google, Facebook Or Any Other Site

Google, Facebook, and various other sites can drive a lot of traffic to your websites, but if you rely on them for all your visitors you’re always going to be at their mercy. If something changes and they decide your site doesn’t meet some arbitrary requirement, your traffic could stop overnight. There is an alternative, however, that will let you drive traffic where you want without having to worry about any of these other sources.

The solution is to build an email list. If you have a list of subscribers, and you’ve built a good relationship with them, you can send traffic wherever you want, whenever you want, by simply sending them an email.

Built a new website? Send an email to your list and you can have traffic coming in within minutes of finishing the site.

Just finished off a new product? You could be seeing traffic and sales within a few minutes of sending out an email to your list.

You obviously can’t use this strategy until you have a list of subscribers, which means you need to get traffic to your site using other methods initially. But if you’re not collecting leads on your site with some type of opt-in process, you’re leaving a lot of potential traffic (and revenue) on the table.

Even if you only manage to convince your subscribers to come back to your site one time, you’re still getting twice as much traffic from those visitors. Let’s say you get 100 people visiting your site each day, and 10 of those visitors wind up subscribing to your email list. It’s oversimplifying things, but if each of those 10 people return to the site one more time, you’ve got 110 visitors the next day.

Of course, you also get 10 new subscribers the next day, so the day after that will see 120 visitors. Over time, this will continue to grow so even if you never do any more work to grow the 100 visitors coming from other sources, your traffic will continue to increase day after day.

A subscriber list isn’t the only choice here. You can get much the same effect with any type of relationship marketing, such as building a network of followers on Facebook or Twitter. The key point is you need to have some way to follow up with those visitors after they come to your site the first time. If you have these systems in place, you’ll ultimately be able to generate traffic on demand.

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