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How To Use Forum Marketing For Quick Traffic

One of the easiest ways to get quick traffic to your website is through forum marketing. Most forums allow you to add a signature file to your profile that automatically gets added to every post you make. By including a link to your website, and possibly an offer of some sort, in your signature, you will get people who click on that link. Mind you, there are a few factors that will affect just how much traffic you get to your website.

The critical factor to getting more traffic from your forum signature is to make sure you add value to the forum first.

If you join a new forum and immediately add a link to your website, chances are you’re not going to get many visitors because people don’t know who you are. And if you start out by making a lot of useless posts just to get your signature seen by people, it might even have the opposite effect – not only will you get little or no traffic, you might even get banned from the forum.

Providing value first is the proper way to handle this. Get involved in the community by responding to other people’s posts and questions. It’s usually best to not even post a signature link right away, especially in niches where marketing is not as common.

For instance, it’s probably going to be more acceptable to add a signature right away in the internet marketing niche since most of the forum’s members would likely be marketers themselves.

Think of forum marketing as being much the same as face-to-face marketing. You more than likely wouldn’t hit people with a sales pitch right away when you first met them, so why would you do it in a forum? You’re not meeting them in person which gives you a certain amount of anonymity, but that doesn’t mean you should skip your manners.

Once you’ve become a part of the community, then you should add your website to your signature, along with an offer of some sort if appropriate. This could be a free report or ebook, a webinar recording or any number of other types of incentives. If you offer people some sort of incentive for visiting your website, you’ll get a lot more clicks.

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