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How To Generate Traffic By Writing For Other Websites

It might seem like writing for other sites wouldn’t help your own very much. After all, if you’re writing for other websites they’re the ones benefitting from the content, not you.

True, but there are also a few ways that it can help benefit you. Let’s look at some ways to get traffic to your website by writing for someone else.

Guest blogging is probably the most effective method for doing this. This is when you write a blog post for someone else’s blog, as a “guest author.”When you do this, you’ll usually get a short bio included with the post and it can have a link back to your own site.

This link is the reason that giving someone else free content for their website can still benefit you. Firstly, some of the people who read the post will click through to your website from that link. If your post is on a popular blog in your market, you can actually generate a lot of clickthrough traffic this way – basically siphoning off some of the traffic from that site.

You can continue to get clickthrough traffic for a long time, as new people find that post, but the link will also age into a valuable backlink in most cases. If it’s on a high-authority site, it can wind up being very valuable in the long run.

Another effective way to write for other websites is through article marketing. You can get even more backlinks with article marketing because not only is your article getting posted on the article directories, it could also get picked up by other sites.

Article marketing has some short-term benefits in the way of direct clickthrough traffic, but the bigger value is in the long-term backlinks that you will get.

Paid writing positions can also help generate traffic to your website. Some websites, such as Dotdash, pay their writers and if you can get a position with them they will often include a bio on their site. Which should have a link that people can click to visit your website, of course.

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