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How to Create an Awesome Resource Box

If you use article marketing as a traffic generation strategy, one of the most important components is your resource box. The resource box is what convinces people to click through to your website, which is ultimately the goal of article marketing in the first place. Let’s look at some strategies for getting more clicks on your resource links.

You need to realize that your resource box has two purposes:

  1. The links will create backlinks to your website, which will help with SEO.
  2. The people that click those links to visit your site will result in direct traffic.

Since there are two purposes for your resource box, you want to be sure it serves them both well. You need to be sure you convince your readers to click through to your site, while still including some good anchor text links.

Probably the most important factor is to make it a strong call to action. Instead of talking about yourself, just make a solid offer that will convince people to visit your site.

eg. If you look at a few articles on a site like EzineArticles you’ll see a lot of self-serving resource boxes that say something like “Joe Blow has been writing about topic XYZ for several years.” And “topic ABC” is more than likely the link back to the website.

Does this get your anchor text links in the resource box? Of course. Is it going to generate a lot of clicks? Not really.

Instead, you might try something like this:

“These 5 tips about topic XYZ will help you get better results. If you want another 5 tips that will improve your results even more, visit our site at

Click here to learn more about Topic XYZ”

This still gets your anchor text links in the resource box, but it is a heck of a lot more effective at convincing people to click through to your site. For this example, you could create a two-part article out of a top ten list.

Put the second part on your own site and submit the first one to the article directories. Then simply use that as an incentive to get people to click your link.

You can also offer incentives like a free report or eBook, a webinar recording, a free audio recording, etc. The key is to give people a good reason to want to visit your website by clicking those resource links.

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